Raymond Parsons.
Raymond Parsons. Aden Stokes

Memories of friendships in good and tough times

SECRETARY for the Capricornia sub-section of the Naval Association of Australia Raymond Parsons attended today's Anzac Day march in Rockhampton and reflected on the days of yesteryear.

Mr Parsons, 68, said he served in the Royal Australian Navy from 1968-1975 and did escort duties to Vietnam and went on a Tour of Duty in the Far East.

"Anzac Day brings back memories for me of all the good times and the tough times,” he said. "It's the camaraderie and the friendships you make throughout Australia. You meet up on these special days and talk about old times.”

Mr Parsons said he had a lot of military in his family, and grandchildren interested in joining. He said it was important for young people to carry on the tradition of Anzac Day to remember the freedom the Anzacs gave to this country.

"If we didn't have the freedom we have, then it wouldn't be a very nice place to live.”