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What the rising Mercury means for the Fraser Coast

IT IS official - The Fraser Coast is not as cool as it used to be, at least not as cool as it was 117 years ago.

The Australian climate has increased by one degree since 1910, according to Bureau of Meteorology records, and the Wide Bay region is one of many locations feeling the effects.

The average September temperature for Hervey Bay was 24.8 degrees but temperatures over the weekend were reaching as high as 30 degrees.

With temperatures at least five degrees above average, it begs the question of what's causing such extreme changes.

Meteorologist, Adam Blazak, said "the science is fairly straight forward" when asked if global warming was to blame for increased temperatures.

"Our records show the Australian climate has waved by one degree since 1910," he said.

"Since 1950, the warming across south eastern Australia has been more rapid during spring."

Mr Blazak said the Wide Bay region had been the focus of much of the warm weather due to an upper level ridge and plenty of warmer air in the atmosphere.

Over the weekend, Hervey Bay reached a top of 27 degrees while Maryborough sweltered through a top of 31 degrees.

Temperatures are likely to cool down over the course of the week however it won't bring much relief with temperatures still way above average.

Despite the mercury climbing higher, Mr Blazak said sea breezes caused temperatures to fluctuate.


As for strong winds, Mr Blazak said there was a reason.

"It's very windy because of the approaching surface trough," he said.

"There's a large pressure difference between high in the Tasman Sea and a low pressure (difference) over south Australia."

The bureau are expecting to have records across the state broken during the week with Brisbane likely to reach 38 degrees - a September record.

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