Hinkler candidate Rob Messenger says aged pensioners and self-funded retirees will decide the winner.
Hinkler candidate Rob Messenger says aged pensioners and self-funded retirees will decide the winner. Alistair Brightman

Messenger predicting a nail-biting finish in Hinkler

PALMER United Party candidate for Hinkler Rob Messenger is predicting a nail biter of a finish on Saturday evening after voting closes in the Federal Election. 

He said it would be decided by Fraser Coast and Bundaberg region aged pensioners and self-funded retirees.

"Many pensioners have chosen the Hinkler electorate to live out their retirement," Mr Messenger said.

"Official DEEWR figures show that our population profile with a median age of 44 - was eight years higher than the state average of 36.

"And the age distribution compared with the state and nation showed a high demographic of retirees and pensioners."

He said it was clear Warren Truss and the LNP were rattled.

"They are now treating Hinkler as a marginal seat in their last-minute election tour," Mr Messenger said.

"And part of the reason that one in three voters are asking for Palmer United how-to-vote cards at pre-polling is that we are the only party which has said it will look after our pensioners and self-funded retirees.

"The LNP refuse to match our policy of increasing the aged and disability pensions by 20%."

He said Mr Truss and Tony Abbott had been caught out ignoring aged and disability pensioners during the election campaign.

Hinkler LNP candidate Keith Pitt said the Coalition believed in listening to the people of regional Australia and Mr Truss was doing a fantastic job travelling throughout the nation.

"We need a strong united government to deliver a better lifestyle for locals, not one propped up by minor parties which make wild promises, knowing they will never have to deliver," he said.

"In government, the Coalition will do the right thing by older Australians by scrapping the carbon tax but keeping the benefits attached to it, which will help ease the squeeze for all local households.

"To help older residents, we will keep the tax thresholds and fortnightly pension and benefit increases, index the thresholds for Commonwealth Seniors Health Card, restore the Private Health Insurance Rebate as soon as budget circumstances allow, improve housing affordability and invest $200 million into dementia research.

"And people shouldn't believe the scare campaign being run by Labor and fringe minor parties - the Coalition won't change the rules on franking credits."

Mr Truss said he fundamental problem that Mr Messenger and political parties such as Palmer and Katter had, was they might promise the world but would only end up bitterly disappointing people.

He said their flashy personalities only offered false hope.

"They have no credible vision for our region and they will never be able to deliver on anything," Mr Truss said.

"In very stark contrast, the Coalition has a real plan to assist seniors and families by getting rid of Labor's carbon tax to ease cost-of-living pressures.

"I really encourage people to think about the last six years of Labor, and in particular the last three years, where minor political players wreaked havoc on our country and on our economy.

"We will set our economy on a sustainable footing to secure jobs and deliver the infrastructure and services that people want."

"A vote for anyone else, like Katter or Palmer, will only return us to the chaos, dysfunction, division and rabble that has plagued our Parliament for the last three years."

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