Minimal progress on Fraser Coast hockey talks

IT WAS only marginal but progress was made during discussions between Hervey Bay and Maryborough District Hockey Associations on Monday night.

Fraser Coast's hockey associations met to discuss the future of the sport in our region, with the main talking point a suggestion the two become more closely aligned in the long-term.

Nothing will happen overnight, with any plan set to take years of preparation before it is a reality.

On-field issues like competition formats will be easy to sort out when compared with the difficulty in working through every other aspect off the field.

Realistically, any alignment will take years to take full effect.

Maryborough District Hockey Association president David Moore said the associations were locked "purely in discussions" at this point.

"There was progress. It might've only been marginal but there was progress," Moore said.

It is understood neither Hervey Bay or Maryborough associations are fully on board with any notion of joining forces.

Both associations have long, proud histories, though some action has to be taken to ensure the long-term survival of hockey.

Fraser Coast has been a hotbed for producing hockey players of the highest calibre, with several Australian representatives coming out of the region.

The Future of Australian Sport report, released in mid-2013, was a major in-depth look at participation numbers.

It revealed a stark future for organised sport like hockey and football, with predictions the majority will opt for unorganised, personal sports like running or social sport.

It is a reality Moore accepts, and he said local sporting bodies had to look at other ways to entice people to play their sport.

How hockey reacts remains to be seen, though both associations have made moves in the right direction with their summer competitions.

Hervey Bay Hockey Association runs three summer hockey programs, with senior nine-a-side, junior six-a-side and Hook-In2-Hockey directed at the youngest players.

Maryborough District Hockey Association runs both summer nine-a-side and indoor hockey competitions.

For more information on either competition, search for either "Hervey Bay Hockey Association" or "Maryborough Hockey Association" on Facebook.

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