Treasurer says Fraser will benefit from recycle scheme

A SIGNIFICANT quantity of rubbish covering Fraser Island has left the Federal shadow treasurer impatient for an incoming recycling scheme.

During a recent trip to the World Heritage-Listed island, Chris Bowen said a lot of what was covering the sand and in the water were recyclable items.

"We saw a significant number," he said.

"I was surprised at the amount of it that was discarded plastic bottles."

A Container Refund Scheme will begin in Queensland next year in July.

Shadow treasurer Chris Bowen.
Shadow treasurer Chris Bowen. Thomas McCrudden

Under the scheme, anyone who returns an empty eligible drink container to an approved container refund point, will get 10c back for each container.

Mr Bowen said the Container Deposit Scheme would have a strong impact on Fraser Island's natural environment, and also an impact on the Fraser Coast region.

"Having a motivator for people to recycle will have benefits on conservation," he said.

"And it will also create jobs."

A number of container collection points, including permanent depots and reverse vending machines, will be set up to process the empty containers throughout Queensland.

Another possible change that could be coming into our state next year is a ban on single-use plastic bags. A public discussion board on the topic that closed last month received more than 23,000 submissions.

"Fraser Island is a unique and special part of Queensland that needs to be preserved," Mr Bowen said.

"By getting into the waterways, it gets into their food chains.

"I was over there with Ted Sorensen, and we discussed our support to ban single-use plastic bags."

Environment Minister Dr Steven Miles said there was overwhelming support for a plastic bag ban from the public, judging from submissions.

"Lightweight plastic shopping bag bans are already in place and working well in other parts of the country including South Australia, the Northern Territory, the Australian Capital Territory and Tasmania," he said. Fraser Coast Regional Council was contacted but was unable to be reached for comment. Their website states that there is a number of bulk bin and transfer stations on the island.

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