Little life to live for Molly

MOLLY, the dog sitting on death row at the Fraser Coast Regional Council pound, may still escape the lethal injection awaiting her in just 19 days time.

Hervey Bay barrister Sarah Laikind is preparing an appeal to save the dog that was accused by the council inspectors of mauling a small flock of domestic sheep at the Glendyne school.

A second dog involved in the attack has already been euthanised.

Ms Laikind told the Chronicle she couldn’t comment beyond confirming that she is working on the appeal document.

Molly’s owner Frances Gala said she would raise the $500 needed to pay to lodge the appeal with the court.

While raising the $500 will be difficult for Ms Gala she has a greater financial crisis on her hands to consider first.

She has recently been told the council is intending to bill her $3800 for holding Molly over the past months at the pound.

“I will just have to pay that off. But I am also wondering, why did the council keep her there when it is very clear there was no concrete proof she ever attacked the sheep? .

“Molly is our girl,” Ms Gala said.

“She means a lot to us and even if she is a dog she has her own ways, her own personality. We are all grieving that we haven’t seen her for eight months while council has held her in their pound.

The Gala family is so convinced that they will free the dog that they have started erecting a high steel fence to make sure she doesn’t escape again.

“The fence sits on solid rock so Molly will never be able to dig her way out,” Ms Gala said.

George Gala said Milo, the mastiff the puppy given to the family by Hervey Bay Chronicle reader Melissa Kattenberg and her family, was “doing very well” and had made firm friends with the family’s kitten Nips.

“If we get Molly home again she will mother Milo because over the eight years she has been with us she has taken care of kittens and even hens.”

The appeal will be heard by a permanent member of the QCAT tribunal who will not be Susan Bothmann, the tribunal member who erroneously cleared the court of all media on the day of the last hearing.

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