Monster insect invades Torquay

ONE VERY BIG STICK INSECT: The stick that moved was estimated to be 30cm long.
ONE VERY BIG STICK INSECT: The stick that moved was estimated to be 30cm long.

PLENTY of rain added to some hot weather is certainly good for the growth of your garden.

It is also good for the growth of our local insects as Maurie Williams of Torquay found out the other night.

The family’s Jack Russell started up a hell of a racket outside Maurie’s window about 11.30pm and when he went to check out the problem he couldn’t see anything.

Then he saw a big stick move.

It turned out to be the longest stick insect he’d ever seen in his life.

According to notes on the “Ctenomorpha Gargantua”, they have only recently been discovered and they are the big brother of the normal stick insect that grows to about 18cm.

Maurie and his son Matthew swear their visitor was more like 30cm.

No one will ever know its exact length because Maurie put it into his front garden out of harm’s way and when he got up in the morning his large friend had moved on to eat someone else’s foliage.

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