Moo-ve over: Carmel the cow stays

IT'S not the ending he necessarily wanted, it's not the ending he ever expected but the story of Nicholas Simpson's missing cow is a happy one nevertheless.

The Nikenbah resident was so put out by the disappearance of his four-year-old Droughtmaster pet that he posted signs around the neighbourhood seeking help from anywhere and anyone.

A month had passed since the animal's disappearance when he got a phone call from a Black Swamp farmer 10km away who was confident that Carmel the missing cow had wandered into his paddock and befriended his herd.

Nicholas and kids, Dakota, Jannali and Shea, jumped in the car and drove the short distance to where his children instantly recognised their beloved pet, which was still with calf.

However, when Nicholas approached with a clump of lucerne to welcome their pet back into the fold he discovered Carmel had changed her allegiances.

“I thought I would walk her home but she didn't want to know me,” he said.

“She was so used to socialising with the other cows. She was still in calf, had lots of food and lots of friends.

“She just doesn't love me as much as she used to.”

The owner of the paddock offered to solve the problem by buying Carmel from Nicholas and after weighing up the pros and cons of getting Carmel home and building a new fence to contain her, Nicholas decided to sell.

“He told me that once they wander and have a taste for freedom that's it. So, I'm happy for her to live out her life with a herd.

“We had just assumed the worst.”

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