More than one side to climate change story

OPINION: It's become an issue as controversial as abortion or gay marriage.

Climate change has been the number one scientific issue of the past decade, with doomsayers convinced it will bring about the end of the world as we know it, and the scientists who disagree with others who argue that the planet is warming at a dangerous rate often find themselves unemployable, the subject of ridicule.

The polar ice caps are melting, sea levels rising, weather patterns are becoming more erratic.

Anyone with a dissenting voice is to be silenced immediately.

Humans, of course, are solely to blame for the impending catastrophe.

Unfortunately, some scientists were not as willing to get caught up in the hysteria.

I am not a climate change sceptic - I'm more than willing to hear the evidence.

But I'm not willing to ignore other evidence which suggests that climate change is not quite the imperative issue that sections of the scientific community have made it out to be.

You remember how a forecast was made, that there would be a dramatic decline in Antarctic sea ice?

Turns out it has actually grown to a new record high.

Scientists have also found that the Earth is warming at just over half the rate that was claimed in 2007, 0.12C instead of 0.2C, and much of the planet is as warm as it's ever been.

I'm not saying we shouldn't listen to scientists who say it's happening - but let's no longer shut out the dissenting voices either.

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