MP calls for daylight saving to end a month early

A RURAL MP is leading a campaign to cut daylight saving back by a month in New South Wales.

Northern Tablelands MP Adam Marshall plans to introduce a private member's bill calling for the end of daylight saving to be brought forward to the first Sunday of March each year.

Mr Marshall said constituents all over regional NSW were sick of the current Sydney-centric arrangements.

"The bill will essentially reverse the extension to daylight saving which was pushed through the parliament without a mandate in 2007," he said.

"I've been working on this with my colleagues from country NSW, who are also being lobbied by their communities for this change.

"While the issue of daylight saving always provokes a passionate debate - some people love it and some want it gone completely - most people agree that the last month is a pain. It simply drags on for too long.

"As I move around the electorate, I am often asked about this issue, and the further west and north I go, the more intense the feeling is."

Mr Marshall said considerable angst existed in communities near the Queensland border.

But he was aware a certain level of compromise was unavoidable.

"For people on or near the border, it's confusing and difficult to live, work and do business across two different time zones," he said.

"While this bill won't satisfy everyone involved in the daylight saving debate, it will remove the final month of daylight saving and alleviate a lot of the problems.

"I think it's a good compromise.

"We'll still have five months of daylight saving, but the final and most troublesome month will be removed."

Parliament next sits on May 3. - ARM NEWSDESK

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