MP not happy about ambulance wait

HERVEY Bay MP Ted Sorensen was not impressed to hear about Wendii Easton’s two-hour wait for an ambulance after breaking her ankle while delivering mail at Scarness – and he is determined to find out why she had to wait so long.

“An audit was done recently that said it took about 10 minutes for an ambulance to arrive after it was called – two hours is a bit more than 10 minutes,” he said yesterday.

Mr Sorensen (pictured) said he would be asking state Health Minister Paul Lucas for an explanation as to why it took so long to get an ambulance to Ms Easton – and would be asking if extra resources were needed in the area.

Mr Sorensen did not doubt the quality of service provided and acknowledged that ambulance officers had to wait until patients they took to Hervey Bay Hospital could be admitted.

But he was concerned this process could sometimes take too long.

“The problem is we often have ambos waiting at hospitals,” Mr Sorensen said.

“We have to make sure patients can be admitted straight away.”

Mr Sorensen said if the injury had been more severe than first assessed, there could have been drastic consequences.

“I have heard of broken bones severing arteries. If it had been a real emergency it would have been a disaster,” he said.

“I’d like to ask the minister a few questions as to why it took so long.

“Surely we can respond quicker than that.”

Mr Sorensen found it “kind of strange” that an ambulance eventually had to be sent from Maryborough to take Ms Easton to hospital but acknowledged it was the only unit available at the time.

Ms Easton said the ambulance officers provided pain killers and quality care once they arrived.

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