Mum gives birth to twins with different skin colours

Sarah had barely come to terms with losing two babies in six months when she found out she was pregnant again.

Completely terrified, Sarah called the doctor to set up an ultrasound, praying that this time she would carry the baby to term.

But she knew it wouldn't be easy - with her two older children she had battled nine long months of morning sickness and other pregnancy complications.

"During the ultrasound, I began asking the tech questions. 'What's the heartbeat?' 'Is the baby fine?'" the mum-of-four first wrote on Love What Matters.

"She couldn't tell me much, so it made me even more nervous.

"Sitting on the bed waiting for what seemed like hours, two doctors and the tech finally walk in.

"The doctor starts to explain, 'Everything is fine,  the heartbeats were 157 and 152.'"

Sarah sat there in complete and utter shock - what did he mean two heartbeats?

It turned out she was carrying fraternal twins, a boy and a girl who she decided to call Malachi and Malaysia.

Although both babies looked healthy, doctors warned Sarah that multiple pregnancies could change at any point.

"Throughout my pregnancy, it was rough," she said.

"My cervix was shortening, and working full time wasn't helping.

"Malaysia was moving like crazy which actually was a great thing.

"But with a one-year-old on the brink of turning two, and a five-year-old going on 21, the whole pregnancy certainly was a task."

But it wasn't until Sarah's third trimester that the complications truly set in.

Doctors were concerned that Malaysia wasn't growing as well as her brother.

Although this is common with twins, the situation was serious enough that Sarah was kept in hospital for observation for two days.

"Upon arriving home and laying down, I woke up in pain," she said.

"I again rushed to the hospital

"My blood pressure and my protein were extremely high. I had preeclampsia!

"They started having me sign forms for a C-section."

So at just 28 weeks, Sarah's twins entered the world.

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They were tiny, with Malachi weighing just over 1kg and Malaysia weighing just 879  grams.

"I was the only one in the room beside the 10 nurses and doctors," Sarah said.

"All I could do was cry as I saw them working on my children, running around.

"The next couple of days, weeks, and months were tough on this mama and her little warriors.

"There were a few terrifying episodes where my little girl stopped trying to fight for mummy, but she pushed through."

When they were born, the twins were so tiny that it was hard to tell them apart.

But as they gradually grew and filled out - "to everybody's amazement, they were total, polar opposites".

"She was fair skinned with bright blue eyes and blonde hair, and he was dark skinned with brown eyes and black hair," Sarah added.

"A lot of nurses didn't know how to approach me.

"I got statements like, 'I've been a nurse 23 years and have never worked with twins like them' and 'is it weird having a white twin and a black twin?'

"No one could believe it."

When the twins were finally allowed to go home, these kinds of reactions only became more common.

"When we're out in public I've gotten questions like, 'Are they adopted?' 'Are they twins?' 'Do they have the same father?'"Sarah said.

"It's amazing the things I get asked.

"They're constantly getting looks from people.

"They couldn't be any more different from their hair colour to their skin, eyes, their attitudes and little personalities."

But despite the stares, Sarah wouldn't have it any other way.

"My now six-year-old, being dark skinned, and my now two-year-old, being fairly fair-skinned, my babies fit right in with our family," she said.

"All four of my kids are total opposites, but best friends."

The proud mama advises parents tot make the most of their kids when they're young.

"It flies by - so everybody in this situation, pray and appreciate every little second because they seem small now, but you'll blink and they're adults making life decisions.

"Cherish them now, every moment you have with them."

This originally appeared on Kidspot and has been republished with permission.

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