Mum rants about tradie using the loo

SOMETIMES you can't help but feel tradies get the crappy end of the deal.

A woman has turned to parenting forum Mumsnet to describe her disgust when a tradesman used her friend's toilet without asking.

The user known as Dancingfairy wrote: "A friend posted on Facebook the other day about having a workman who pooed in her loo without asking.

"The comments were all saying how rude and disgusting it was.

"Some even saying to report him or that they would have kicked him out.

"Anyway, I mentioned it to a friend who didn't see the problem.

"But I do think that it's rude as well so [am I being unreasonable] or is it rude not to ask?!"

But many commentators thought she was being far too "precious".

Bluntness100 said: "Where is he supposed to go? If you need you need."

Fruitcocktail6 wrote: "I don't think it's rude. It's a toilet, it's what it's for."

CharlieWork agreed, writing: "You want a grown adult to either not use the toiler or ask if they need a poo? As long as they clear up after themselves, what's the problem?"

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