PROGRESS: Police are excited about developments in their investigations of the skull found in forest near Tin Can Bay.
PROGRESS: Police are excited about developments in their investigations of the skull found in forest near Tin Can Bay. Renee Pilcher

Progress in headless torso murder investigation

POLICE are excited by new progress in a murder investigation involving the Cedar Pocket headless torso and the human skull found in nearby Toolara forest.

Regional CIB chief Bruce McNab said police were upbeat in response to new information about both mysteries.

"I'm told we'll have DNA from the skull next week.

"If it is the same as the torso, then we will also have dental records and soon we will have a reconstructed face to jog people's memories.

"We know the torso was that of a man who had worked hard all his life, causing damage to the spinal column and joints.

"We also know from his DNA that he had no previous criminal history as far as police are concerned.

"We now know he was between 40 and 80, was 180cm to 188cm tall.

"He was of very solid build and was on medication including quinine and the blood pressure drug Irbesartan.

"We have collected data from all over Australia on people who had been prescribed the drugs and we are comparing that to records of known missing persons.

"He was in late middle age and had never been in trouble with the police.

"We are in the process of interviewing every pharmacist in Queensland - and there are 1100 of them - about anyone who has not had a new prescription filled since September.

"We are making step by step progress and there is a renewed optimism and energy about the investigation.

"We are getting somewhere.

"Slowly but surely we are getting a clearer image of this person.

"In these times of people working away, travelling and getting out of touch with family and friends, people might know but not have thought too much about someone they have not seen for a while.

"We are asking people to really examine their memories for anyone they just don't see anymore.

"And we are asking anyone who recalls anything to contact Crime Stoppers (on 1800 333 000) with any thoughts or information they may have.

"I've got a very good feeling about how this investigation is going.

"With facial reconstruction modelling technology we will soon have a face to help people remember."

The headless torso mystery began in mid-September last year, with the discovery of the remains of a man's dismembered torso, at the centre of a fire burning beside Cedar Pocket Rd, only a few metres from the bitumen.

Police said the man appeared to have been tortured before he died.

This month's discovery of a skull, said to have been damaged either before or after death, has lent another dimension to the investigations.

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