MURDER TRIAL: Alleged victim's injuries 'not survivable'

THE blow that allegedly killed a 75-year-old woman in her Eli Waters home was struck with "severe force", a court heard.

Beng Beng Ong, the doctor who performed Norma Ludlam's autopsy after she was allegedly murdered in July 2015, yesterday described Ms Ludlam's injuries.

Dr Ong was the second witness in the trial of Frederick Ronald Sinfield, who is charged with the murder of Ms Ludlam.

Mr Sinfield pleaded not guilty.

Dr Ong told a Maryborough Supreme Court jury Ms Ludlam allegedly died from two skull fractures - a depressed fracture and a punch out fracture.

He said both injuries were allegedly caused by a blunt weapon that hit Ms Ludlam's skull with severe force.

"To cause a fracture and a depressed fracture, it was towards the severe end of the range," Dr Ong said.

Crown prosecutor Todd Fuller asked Dr Ong if Ms Ludlam could have sustained the injuries from falling over.

Dr Ong said the impacting object was similar in shape to the one that caused the first fracture.

"It would be a bit unlikely for the ground to have two protruding objects," Dr Ong said.

He said Ms Ludlam's injuries were "not survivable".

Mr Sinfield allegedly found Ms Ludlam lying unconscious on her bedroom floor on July 4, 2015.

It is alleged Mr Sinfield phoned 000 and greeted paramedics inside the front door of Ms Ludlam's home.

Ms Ludlam was taken to Hervey Bay Hospital where she died two days later.

Rhodri Davies, the doctor who treated Ms Ludlam in the emergency department, was the first witness called yesterday.

Dr Davies told the court Ms Ludlam allegedly presented with two fractures and bleeding inside her skull.

He said she couldn't open her eyes and was making incomprehensible noises.

Dr Davies said he consulted a neurosurgeon over the phone with the results of Ms Ludlam's CT scan.

It was agreed that given her injuries, they would treat Ms Ludlam "conservatively and palliatively".

Ms Ludlam died two days later on July 6, 2015.

The trial is expected to continue until the end of next week.

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