Neighbour sees peacock beaten to death

THE RSPCA is investigating reports of a peacock being beaten to death on the Fraser Coast.

The incident was reported to RSPCA on Thursday.

It's believed a neighbour watched a boy beat the animal to death.

Chief Inspector for RSPCA Queensland, Daniel Young said an official complaint was made and while no further details were available, if anyone had witnessed the animal being mistreated to contact the RSPCA.

"Anyone found guilty of a cruelty offence could face prosecution which could result in a fine or possibly even jail," Mr Young said.

"If we find more evidence (on this case) we will look into it further."

Mr Young said if people were having issues with nuisance animals it was important a report was made to local council instead of taking matters into your own hands.

He said there had also been a spate of recent dog baitings across Queensland including an alleged dog stabbing in Cairns.

"It's alleged a man entered a neighbours property and stabbed a dog because he wanted to stop it barking," Mr Young said.

"Police are investigating.

"While thankfully there hasn't been an obvious increase in baitings on the Fraser Coast, we urge people to come forward if this happens."

He said it was important when leaving a dog unsupervised during the day residents were aware of their pets behaviour.

Earlier in the week a report was made to the RSPCA about a kangaroo found killed, tied up and dumped in Eli Creek.

A reader sent the shocking photo of the roo to the Fraser Coast Chronicle this week, which also shows a what appears to be a crab pot close by. 

An RSPCA spokeswoman confirmed the incident had been reported to them, however at this stage there isn't enough evidence for an offence under the Animal Care and Protection Act.

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