Peter Scott is passionate about fixing Maryborough, water catchment and his “first class” staff.
Peter Scott is passionate about fixing Maryborough, water catchment and his “first class” staff.

New CEO takes up job at WBW

IF YOU’VE got a leaky tap or your grandmother’s silver spoons are turning black in the sink water, bring in Wide Bay Water’s new CEO Peter Scott.

He’ll be hankering to wrap a washer around the first and he’ll tell you straight up Wide Bay Water has put too much magnesium in the mix.

“Peter’s got a very strong public service ethic and there’s no greater public service than providing water to communities,” pronounces Mr Scott’s chairwoman Leith Boully.

Mr Scott is also very firmly not into standing at global podiums beating his chest about how world class is WBW.

Ms Boully says, “That said, we have every intention of continuing to influence the state and national agenda around water and water reform and we will pay a key role.

“This is particularly important because this is a regional water business and regional is often seen as second cousins, second class, against the big operators so that’s a really key role for Peter and his team to keep up.”

“Yes, we can’t be insular,” Mr Scott agrees.

“We know we have people in this business who are world class and we want to make sure that they want to continue to work here and we’ll create the environment where they can continue to do that.

“We want to be the best water business in the country.”

But surely they’ve been told that over many years?

“I’m a little more modest,” Ms Boully responds.

“I want other people to tell us.”

“And I’m not that presumptuous,” Mr Scott offers.

Ms Boully is blooming in her role.

“This is absolutely about the public good and I still get a buzz out of it.

“We have a fantastic CEO, a great water business and I’ve settled in to understand the role and the business and I’m comfortable,” she beams.

“We’re certainly looking at the way we do catchment management, it’s a passion of mine,” the CEO says.

“We will be looking at a whole raft of things; water points to stock. Is the water going into our holding areas as good as we can make it?

“I’d like to spend a lot more time in that area.”

“Our short-term goals include looking at some of our governance issues. We have a variety of policies, frameworks that need to be a little bit more contemporary.”

Maryborough looms large on their priority list.

“Water supply and sewerage plants are run very well by staff,” Mr Scott says.

“We’ve got old plants at Eli, Teddington and Aubinville. They were built in the ’60s.

“So if you run something that was made in the ’60s you’re not going to do something as well as if it’s built yesterday.

“I’m very pleased at results that come out of those plants but they’re tired.”

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