A NEW focus on early intervention will be the result of construction being carried out at Glendyne Education and Training Centre.

With new buildings being erected, principal Dale Hansen said it was a key part of Glendyne's plan to create more opportunity for its students and to increase its capacity to take students of a younger age.

He said students in Year 6 and Year 7 would form the school's middle school and would help the staff focus on keeping students motivated and interested in their studies.

"We recognise that a lot of students from primary school need extra support," he said.

"And we would prefer them to be able to experience our unique approach from an earlier age."

Mr Hansen was still waiting to find out if the school would be granted primary accreditation, but was confident they would receive it.

Often with older students coming to Glendyne, the school had to work hard to re-engage the students in a passion for learning that had sometimes been lost.

He said early intervention would mean the child's later learning years could be focused on setting goals and forming a realistic plan for their future, whether that be in further education or out in the workforce.

The school's capacity was 120 students and Mr Hansen said each year there was a waiting list for students wanting to enrol at the school.

"Demand is high," he said.

He said providing kids with support and assistance was the main motivation behind the school.

He said the children who attended Glendyne came from a range of different background but they all had something in common - they had fallen behind in their education and often didn't visualise themselves as being successful.

"We try to build relationships and character and equip them with things they may have missed out on during the journey through school."

The new construction will increase the school's capacity but the target will be on a younger bracket than most students attending the centre.

The project has cost about $3.5 million.

Mr Hansen said the school aimed to not only educate students but to teach them important life skills, such as how to cook a meal, and to engage in character building exercises and improve students' work ethic.

Mr Hansen encouraged members of the public to visit the school during its open day on October 23, when the school's new buildings will be officially unveiled.

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