New media turns our heritage city’s story into a work of art

ART is as important part in my life as storytelling is, so when these two features combine in my own region, I am more than excited by it.

Next week will be the opening of an exciting start to some incredible public art instillations, across Maryborough.

We may have heard all the stories about how the town's upgrades have frustrated local businesses, but I applaud our local council for driving cultural and artistic elements into our community with this project.

I'm currently in Melbourne, ready for yet another book signing.

Walking around this city, I've seen what they have created around the public spaces with their street art, so I'm excited that similar features will be brought to life, locally.

Melbourne is renowned for turning dingy alleyways into works of art, and it's these concepts that have opened up a whole new perspective to displaying art pieces for the public.

Graffiti doesn't have to be an eyesore. Some of the graffiti artists around the world have been able to turn the humble brick wall into a place that draws huge crowds.

We are fortunate to have a town like Maryborough with its rich history and links to some of the world's most famous storytellers.

What this project will do is turn the town's stories into works of art.

This includes new media such as video, lighting and street art, as well as sculpture, street scaping and more.

Whenever I have visitors come in from interstate, I love taking them over to Maryborough to experience what we have to offer in our unique little heritage city.

So these new installations will add so much more to the whole whimsical feel of the town.

My husband, father and mother-in-law are all talented artists in their own right, and I am proud that my husband may even have some of his artwork featured within the next stages of the project.

This Thursday, Maryborough will host a street party to celebrate the opening of the first phase of the project.

I will be there to celebrate the opening from 4-6pm, so I strongly urge everyone to come along and embrace such a wonderful accomplishment for our region.

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