Tamara McLaughlin and Tyson Yates are the  main characters in web series Lemonade.
Tamara McLaughlin and Tyson Yates are the main characters in web series Lemonade. SUPPLIED

New zero-dollar budget web series will have you in hysterics

LEMONADE is the new comedy web series by Northern Rivers man Tyson Yates.

The web series, hosted only on Facebook at the moment, launched it's first episode on May 28, starring Yates and Brisbane actress Tamara McLaughlin (Australiens, 2014).

Yates and McLaughling play housemates Tamara and Tyson and the comedic situations that develop by young adults living together "in no hurry to get nowhere".

Yates, who grew up in Casino and worked for The Northern Star as reporter (and in-house comedian, we must admit), is now based in Brisbane where he is writing, producing and starring the series with a zero dollar budget.

Yates said they wish they had a shoe string to throw into the budget for the series.

"Overall, (Lemonade) was an exercise in no-budget film-making," he said.

"We essentially used all our own equipment, we had a budget of zero, and I wrote a bunch of sketches that could all be shot around the house that I was living in: the lounge-room, the kitchen and the bedroom.

"We were experimenting with clever writing, and not having a 30-person crew, to make people laugh," he said.

"We shot this in December last year and by the time you get everyone to come together and do their part, it takes six months for it to be ready for public viewing," he said.

"We made Lemonade with a local production company called Creative Clones, who are friends of ours, and they are behind the Brisbane Backyards Film Festival and Simply Shorts Festival, plus a few other initiatives"

Although he is one of the stars of the series, Yates sees himself as a writer more than an actor.

"I am definitely not an actor, and the one thing I've learned from this that I really don't like acting," he said.

"As soon as the camera went on, I became the most useless person on set.

"Tamara has been doing this for years and she is a well-known comedy actor in Brisbane, she was just miles ahead and outliving lines, and I had to keep up with it, but as a writer I did this to be a better writer, because it allowed me to go back and re-write some stuff and make it easier to deliver."


"Writing has always been the thing that I do, and that hasn't changed since The Northern Star, and it may seem that is is more creative writing but it's crazy because everything I learned at the paper has helped me to complete a script: you get used to deadlines, which are now self-imposed, and that if you get stuck you just need to push through and get the job done," he said.

You can access the web series via Facebook.

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