TURNING 86 years old on Saturday with a martial arts green belt strapped to her waist, Jean Simmons is the Fraser Coast's most dangerous granny.

Despite her agility declining, the bubbly Shawhaven resident has continued her martial arts training.

Months of hard work every Friday has culminated in Mrs Simmons being graded a green belt.

She said age had not affected her drive to keep active.

"I'd like to see other older people exercise more and to not give up on keeping active," she said.

"I'd be the most dangerous older person that's for sure."

Her instructor Michael Green said his most unique student was an inspiration to many.

The pair often draw eyes when they are training in the parkland using staffs (timber poles).

"One day we were training and a car came down and said there was a man attacking an old lady in a wheelchair," Jean laughed.

It is not Jean vulnerable to an attack, with the elderly woman often clipping her instructor in the neck.

"I get him good," she said.

"He tries to hit me over the head."

Michael added; "I've never got one through her guard though".

Being bound to a wheelchair has not affected how Mrs Simmons keeps her active lifestyle.

She is not likely to attempt to graduate higher to a brown belt, with the grading taking too much out of her.

But she does plan to continue her training, attacking Michael in the park every Friday afternoon.

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