No-Hype hypes up Indie Colour

ASK THEM about the music scene in Hervey Bay and the reply is disconcerting.

“What music scene?” Nick Torr says.

True to his rock ‘n’ roll nature the 19-year-old Kiwi native, now living in Toogoom, remains upbeat about the future.

But it’s going to take time, a whole lot of precious time before Hervey Bay has the fertile type of musical environment where young original bands can prosper.

Tomorrow’s Indie Colour Summer ’09 gig at Hervey Bay State High School’s Great Hall is a step in the right direction.

“Absolutely anybody can come along,” Nick, front man with three-piece Bay band No-Hype, says. “We were happy that it was changed to a Sunday afternoon because families can come.”

Unashamedly punk, No-Hype is completed by 20-year-old bass player Emma Mossop and Nick’s 16-year-old drummer brother, Chris.

“When we came here (in 2008) we were ready to kick on as a band but the kids here are into either heavy metal or rave music.

“Venues are a problem and cover music seems to be taking over. It’s also so expensive to hire a hall, get the sound gear and promote a gig.

“There needs to be a focus on original music.”

While the members of No-Hype wait for the Bay scene to grow, they will take their talents to more happening musical grounds in Bucca, Brisbane and Cairns during the next month.

That’s all after tomorrow’s (3pm) Indie spectacular, which also includes Penguin Kings, The Reks, Mitch Yarrow, Sean Wilson and lead act Mitch Barrington on the bill.

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