No jail for nightclub security guard biter

A SECURITY guard who tried to break up a fight outside a Maroochydore nightclub had to have regular disease testing for six months.

Yesterday the woman who headbutted him and bit his arm, breaking the skin, was sentenced to three months jail, suspended for nine months.

Chloe-Lee Power, 28, was drunk when she got into a fight with another person that spilled out of a nightclub in August last year.

Two security guards tried to break up the fight, but Ms Power headbutted one of the guards, cutting his lip, and when they both fell to the ground she pierced his arm with her teeth.

The man's victim impact statement revealed his arm was scarred, his relationship strained by the ongoing drug testing regime, and he had become wary of all patrons during his work in crowd control and security.

"(He) keeps an arm's distance from everyone, is a lot more on guard for a physical confrontation than he used to be," Magistrate Annette Hennessy said.

"Unfortunately people who work in this sort of environment are more and more at risk and there needs to be a message to others in the community that might be thinking that it's okay to engage in this sort of behaviour that there are serious consequences."

Solicitor Ken Robinson said Power was "mortified" by the incident and had not used alcohol or drugs since that night.

He said the attack was out of character for Power, and the grief after her father's death in 2013 led to drug use and other issues she was now addressing.

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