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Noosa in sights of triathletes

NOOSA beckons for several competitors taking part in the Hervey Bay Triathlon Club's triathlon tomorrow.

The distance of the triathlon will be similar to that raced in Noosa and should serve to give those going a good warm up, organiser Ron Morgan said.

There will be a 1km swimming leg, a 30km cycling leg and an 8km running leg.

In Noosa there will be a 1.5km swimming leg, 40km cycle and 10km running leg.

Morgan said the distance would favour those who are fit and able to compete well over all three legs.

Morgan said several competitors will be coming from out of town to take part in the event but he still expects the local triathletes to perform strongly.

Young triathlete Jimmy Trevorrow was one of the competitors Morgan tipped to do well.

“He definitely has a good chance.”

The winner of womens race in the club's last triathlon, Alison Drewer, would have a good chance of winning again, Morgan said.

The weather is expected to be favourable for the competitors, except on the cycling leg which could be affected by the south easterly wind that is expected, Morgan said.

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