OPINION: Not a fan of Thermomix

I FEEL like I'm a dying breed; I don't own a Thermomix - and I'm not going to own one any time soon either.

As strange as it may sound, I actually really like the act of cooking and any time anyone says they've 'cooked a meal', when all they've done is throw a few ingredients into a Thermomix, I can't help but scoff … a little … okay, maybe a lot.

Call me cynical, but that's not exactly cooking.

For the past five years, I feel like I'm fighting a losing battle whenever I've been around a group of mums.

The conversation always floats back to the amazing things their Thermomix can do, and my culinary world, as I know it, is slowly closing in.

There's even some new chip you can put in them so that you don't have to actually read a recipe.

Who are these people, and what have they done to my friends?

I really enjoy the process of cooking a meal and understanding what the difference is between dicing and crushing, and what that does to flavours.

Am I the only one who feels like this?

What has happened to the joy of cooking?

And apparently all my cooking dilemmas will be resolved for the bargain basement price of how much?

I just can't justify spending thousands of dollars on something to aid in my apparent cooking woes, when you could just simply spend that much money on ordering takeaway food, if you really hate cooking so much.

I understand that most mums are time-poor and any little help they can get is a good thing, but I still manage to work full-time with a husband away and it only takes me 20-odd minutes to get a quick meal whipped up.

I'm not trying to win the proverbial pat on the back for my efforts, but I just don't get this whole Thermomix cult-like following among modern mums.

I've been waiting for the fad to wear off, but much to my disquiet, the Thermomix hasn't gone the way of the other "life-changing" kitchen appliances of yesteryear.

So while you're eating your Thermomix-made risotto, I'll just be in my kitchen perfecting my thrice-cooked Paris-mash that tests my patience for a solid hour - and I'm okay with that.

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