DO YOU want me to stay upside down longer?" Jaidyn Gowley asks as he prepares to unleash another flair for the Chronicle's cameras.

Flairs - similar to a corkscrew backflip but on a scooter - do not look easy, although Gowley rips one out on every trip up one of Rock Off Indoor Park's new ramps.

The Jaidyn Gowley we meet is incredibly thankful to be in his position, which not so long ago looked like nothing more than a dream.

Gowley has been through more in his 17 years than most have in their lives.

He was on a path of no return in a life plagued by poor decisions before he was thrown a lifeline by Rock Off owner Tim Earle.

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"I was going down the wrong path down in Brisbane," Gowley said.

"I had enough of things. I was getting into fights and making all the wrong decisions.

"Tim and my girlfriend Tammy, they really helped me out a lot and got me back on the right track.

"Tim... he gave me a place to stay, fed me and gave me work. It's really helped me out. I really thank him for that."

Nothing will stop Gowley when he straps on his helmet and grips the handlebars ahead of his Australian Scooter Association regional qualifier on Saturday.

The event will be the first time ASA has held a regional qualifier for its state titles and it's the perfect opportunity for Gowley to add another chapter to his story of redemption.

Jaidyn Gowley's life has been turned around.
Jaidyn Gowley's life has been turned around. Alistair Brightman

Given Gowley's background in skateboarding and BMX, he has always been an incredible talent in scooter and previously competed as a pro rider.

But when the 17-year-old stands atop the ramp on Saturday afternoon, it will be with only himself in mind.

"It's good riding for myself at the moment and trying to remember why I got into it," he said.

Gowley works full time at Rock Off.

Despite starting at 3pm, he arrives at noon for a few hours of practice before he launches into lessons for some of the Bay's promising youngsters.

That is how Gowley earned the opportunity at Rock Off.

He had previously helped develop the skills of Tim's kids Jaden and Cooper - both going on to star at state and national competitions.

Now, at a place that doubles as his second home, Gowley has a chance to not only repay the faith but to truly find himself again.

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