Laurie Oakes
Laurie Oakes

Oakes most trusted journo

VETERAN political journalist Laurie Oakes remains one of the most trusted people in the media.

Research conducted by Essential showed that of the more than 1000 people polled online last week, 72% said they trusted Mr Oakes.

This represented a three-point drop from September last year when Essential last asked the question.

Almost 30% of people said they trusted Mr Oakes a lot, with 43% indicating they had some trust in the Channel Nine journalist who joined the Canberra Press Gallery in 1966.

A total of just 19% said they had little or no trust in Mr Oakes, a two-point rise on a year ago.

Veteran TV journalist George Negus was the second most trusted media personality on 69%, although his trust rating slid 6% in the past 12 months.

Not surprisingly, Essential found controversial Sydney radio personality Alan Jones was the least trustworthy person among the listed media identities.

Even though he was the least trusted media personality among last year's respondents (38%), just 23% of the people polled last week said they trusted the shock jock.

The poll was carried out from Wednesday to Sunday last week as the fallout continued from Mr Jones's comments about Prime Minister Julia Gillard's father.

Mr Jones told a Young Liberals function Ms Gillard's father had died of shame, with the public backlash prompting a string of advertisers to withdraw their support from his high-rating 2GB program.

The sharpest jump came in the number of people who had little to no trust in Mr Jones, with this number spiking from 49% a year ago to 67% last week.


People were asked how much trust they had in each of the following media commentators and journalists:

  • Laurie Oakes (Channel Nine, TV)...72%
  • George Negus (TV journalist)...69%
  • Tony Jones (ABC, TV)...53%
  • Michelle Grattan (Fairfax, print)...48%
  • Neil Mitchell (3AW, radio)...46%
  • Andrew Bolt (News Ltd, Channel 10)...39%
  • Jon Faine (ABC, radio)...38%
  • Alan Jones (2GB, radio)...23%

*Source: Essential Report, October 8. Online poll of 1057 respondents

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