One email led to nightmare: 'Words cannot describe anger'

YOUR SAY: A few weeks ago I complained about unsolicited email from a certain major bank. I could not determine how these people got a hold of my email address and resented the invasion of "privacy".

Then, I got an email from Woolworths, stating how the store valued our family's business and asking if I would complete a short survey.

Against my better judgment, I thought that I should do my "duty" and answer the questions in the hope that in the areas of shortfall within their customer service, changes could be made.

Big mistake. Now I am getting upwards of 50 emails a day from England, the US, Australia most of which do not have an "unsubscribe" feature. Last weekend between Saturday/Sunday I had 97 emails.

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Words cannot describe my anger. I have always been extremely protective of my email address and now - subsequent to doing what I thought was a community service - I find myself in the middle of a nightmare.

My computer tech tells me that possibly the survey request was not actually from Woolworths at all, but from a professional marketing company. I wonder.

This misuse of one's personal email information has to stop. It is not right. Surely it has to be illegal. If anyone has a magic wand to stop these companies, please share it with us all. Please.

J'nette Harvey, Rangeville


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