Gympie Magistrates Court and Registry.
Gympie Magistrates Court and Registry.

Dad put in prison, son free after dump bashing

A FATHER and son who were found guilty of assault in Gympie Magistrates Court left the room through different doors yesterday.

John Robert Scott, 61, of Woolooga will spend three months in prison as part of a 12-month sentence, while his son Jason Robert Scott, 39, will serve his sentence in the community with immediate parole.

The pair was found guilty on October 23, of bashing a man at the Southside dump on January 20 - leaving him lying in a pool of blood with a bruised spine, torso, eyes, ear and cuts to the face.

The father and son spent hours defending their case in Gympie Magistrates Court two weeks ago, with the support of their partners.

(John) Scott said he had wanted to talk to the victim for "touching up his missus".

He and his son Jason Scott denied touching the victim, implying his injuries were sustained from tripping over, bashing into things and climbing a fence while "unsteady on his feet".

A number of witnesses and experts gave evidence during the hearing.

A tip shop volunteer who heard the commotion was a key witness, saying he saw two men leaving the shop looking flustered and one had a ripped shirt.

Police prosecutor Sergent Mick Phillips pointed out holes in the defendants' evidence; calling it inconsistent and vague.

In court yesterday magistrate M. Baldwin said through bringing the case to trial, the men had shown no remorse.

She told the men they had inflicted their revenge in a way that could not be condoned or justified in any way.

"To have two people throttle him, push him to the ground and assault him is nothing short of appalling," Mrs Baldwin said.

"It's abhorrent behaviour and it's behaviour this community doesn't want."

She addressed (John) Scott's behaviour of involving his son in violence as tragic.

She acknowledged the men had no criminal history and that by accounts handed up to the court, the incident was out of the blue and out of character for the pair.

Prosecution pointed out the offence came with a maximum jail term of 10 years.

The subdued men gave each other a hug as they departed the court room.

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