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One Nation candidates welcome support from Shooters Union

BOTH Fraser Coast One Nation candidates have welcomed the support of Shooters Union Australia, which is urging volunteers to support pro-firearm candidates.

Shooters Union Australia President Graham Park named both Hervey Bay candidate Damian Huxham and Maryborough candidate Jame Hansen as candidates volunteers should support.

Mr Park said  the Labor Palaszczuk Government's signing of the National Firearms Agreement was the main reason behind the decision to support the region's One Nation candidates.

"We've been talking with all the Queensland political parties to see which party is most committed to supporting law-abiding firearms owners' rights," he said.

"And we're looking for volunteers and supporters to come along to help ensure firearm owners can make an informed decision at the ballot box."

Mr Huxham said he welcomed anyone who supported One Nation, adding that he was thrilled to see a video supporting his candidacy from the Shooters Union.

He said all volunteers were welcome to assist and hand out how-to-vote cards on election day on November 25.

Mr Huxham said he believed it was the first time a union had openly supported One Nation.

Mr Hansen said he would not necessarily describe One Nation as a pro-firearm party, but he was in favour of maintaining currently guns lawns and not making them softer or harsher.

He said as a farmer he owned firearms and they were a necessary tool of his trade, but that wasn't true for everyone.

Mr Hansen said he wanted to see protections continue to be in place for property owners and sporting group members, but he would not advocate making gun laws less strict.

He also welcomed assistance from volunteers on election day, adding that he was working hard ahead of the big day.

Mr Park said the Palaszczuk Government had agreed to make the NFA law, embracing legislation that would impose ammunition limits, close all shooting (rifle or pistol) clubs that don't shoot Olympic or Commonwealth events, remove junior licenses and disallow sporting shooters the right to hold multiple memberships at pistol clubs.

The Chronicle has asked for a response from the Labor Party.

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