Coffs C.ex club.
Coffs C.ex club.

‘One of the safest venues in town’

SINCE taking temperatures at the door on June 1 only one patron has been turned away from the Coffs Harbour C.ex Club for signs of fever.

CEO John Rafferty says the club is one of the safest venues in town as fears surrounding the COVID-19 second wave escalate.

“The patron had a temperature in excess of 38 degrees so he was refused entry,” Mr Rafferty said.

And this week staff turned away a Sydney couple from a known hotspot.

“I am concerned about the media drumming it up causing anxiety and mental health problems for staff and patrons. People are frightened.

“We’re dictated by what happens in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane but we’re doing a great job in Coffs and most people are abiding by the rules.”

Club CEO John Rafferty (middle) with chefs Henry Delfin and Don Dig.
Club CEO John Rafferty (middle) with chefs Henry Delfin and Don Dig.

He says the media should be focusing on the importance of self-isolation.

“It’s no different to a drunk driver. If somebody has been diagnosed with the virus and they get out and about they should be charged with manslaughter. That’s the message that the media is missing - just how important it is to do the right thing.”

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With several larger events cancelled and others, including the recent Coffs Cup, going ahead, some have questioned the rationale behind the decision making process.

‘It’s sad to see events have to cancel for public health protection but so insane to see uncontrollable events like the Coffs Cup go ahead at this dangerous time in the spreading advancing north. And also, why keep the pokie petri dish rooms open at local clubs and pubs?’ Phil Tripp posted on the Coffs Coast Advocate Facebook page.

The Coffs Harbour C.ex normally houses 250 machines but has reduced this to just over 150 with appropriate distances between the operational machines.

A number of staff have also been trained as ‘social distancing ambassadors’ and part of their role is to clean each poker machine after use.

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