OPINION: If you haven't immunised your kids, I'm judging you

I DON'T see myself as being more judgemental then the next person, but there's one issue I'm very judgemental about.

That issue is vaccination.

If you haven't vaccinated your kids and there is no legitimate health reason for not doing so, all I can do is ask why?

Why not?

This week I wrote a story about a couple who also happen to be friends of mine.

They are very good people. They are great parents.

They have a lovely son and daughter.

But their daughter was born with a heart defect and a compromised immune system that meant she would never be able to be fully vaccinated.

For all of those smug anti-vaxxers who ask parents why they don't just get their kid vaccinated if parents are so worried about it - some people cannot do that and that is why the community is concerned about what you do.

My friends don't deserve to be put through the stress and worry of watching their daughter fight a disease that had probably been pretty much eradicated before anti-vaxxers decided they knew better than the entire medical community.

The fact is that you endanger the lives of your own kids, newborn babies, elderly people and those with compromised immune systems like my friends' daughter because of your selfish, stupid decision.

The news that anti-vaxxers want to bring a movie called Vaxxed to Maryborough made me roll my eyes.

The film has a lot of bogus things to say about the fake link between vaccinations and autism.

I mean, how many times does this misinformation need to be disproven?

Well, I welcome it. Bring your stupid movie here.

Our city has the sense to have a high immunisation rate.

That means there must be a lot of smart people in this area who care about the community and people around them.

I might judge, but I'm not opposed to free speech.

Let them show whatever movie they want.

We're clever enough to see through it.

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