OPINION: May the best jobs plan win

FOR the past three weeks we've heard a lot from the major parties about who is to blame for the Fraser Coast's jobs crisis.

The truth is both sides played their part in allowing our region to descend into one of the darkest chapters in its history.

Taking a sledgehammer rather than a scalpel to frontline services, no matter the budget justification, was never going to work for Campbell Newman.

Now, under Labor, our young people are at the coalface of the suffering as youth unemployment has skyrocketed by 26.4 per cent. But the damage has been done. The latest jobs figures show we can not waste one more minute living in the past. Our unemployment rate is at 9.1%, one of the more unenviable figures in the country. Labor's version of history when it comes to Maryborough's rail contracts is questionable (as seen on Page 4) but is time to forgive and forget?

The revival of the manufacturing industry is the only thing that will save the Heritage City and the Premier is dangling a $150 million carrot.

Opposition Leader Tim Nicholls wants you to believe he has learnt from his time as Newman's treasurer and is in the business of restoring jobs.

It's a tough sell but our job starved region is ripe for a gamble and a 600 jobs promise could well be enough to quell One Nation's hope that we are too damaged to trust the majors again.

One thing is for sure, the future of our region depends on who is best placed to create jobs, not point the finger at those who let them disappear.

It can only be hoped that is front of mind when voters head to the polls tomorrow.

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