OPINION: Medicos should not have to work in fear

DURING my working life I have dealt with my fair share of angry customers.

Whether it was over a missing chicken nugget in their Happy Meal or a customer frustrated over waiting "a long time" in line for assistance.

As a staff member I was trained to smile and nod.

This was before going in the back room to have a little cry or kick a chair.

But I have never been in a situation where someone I was trying to help threatened to knock me out or worse still, kill me.

This is the harsh reality of the job for our health workers.

They are verbally and physically assaulted weekly on the Fraser Coast.

Being a doctor, nurse, paramedic or admin assistant at a hospital is hard enough.

They deal with all kinds of bodily fluids, frantic patients, and of course the responsibility of saving lives.

On top of all of that, they have to continue treating people who are spitting on them, biting them or swearing at them.

When I interviewed Dr Johnson for the article in Thursday's paper, he explained to me first-hand what it was like to face abuse and assaults on an almost daily basis.

Dr Johnson and other healthcare workers should not have to deal with this horrific behaviour from the community.

And it's not to say everyone is like this, but the statistics show it is getting worse, and should not be tolerated.  

No one working in the hospital should feel afraid that they may become the patient themselves.

What do you think about abuse towards our health workers? Join the conversation and tell us below. 

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