OPINION: Really? You're upset by a harmless text message?

IF YOU'RE upset by a text message, imagine how upsetting it must be to have a whole country deciding whether or not you should have the same rights as everyone else.

It's amazing to me how offended people are to receive a simple text - even one with a simple message that encourages people to vote yes and support the rights of others.

People feel it's a gross breach of their privacy.

Well I got the text - it was a welcome change from Dominos telling me to buy pizza or Millers telling me there's a sale on.

You sign up to something once and yes your number gets shared, yes you will get spammed every now and again.

But I don't consider one text message spamming.

I think at this point, some people are just looking for a reason to be offended.

It's like when people were whinging because they got a free U2 album on their iPod.

Oh boohoo. You got something for free. In no way does it harm or affect your existence, but let's have a whinge anyway.

For me that text was a good reminder - I've ticked the yes box and put my response in the envelope and that message reminded me to send it.

Hopefully it had the same effect on a lot of other yes voters.

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