OPINION: Doctors should be praised, not attacked by thugs

DOCTORS rightly hold one of the most revered positions in our community, just like other health professionals.

That's why it's such an affront to our community when one of our health care professionals gets attacked.

Whether they are intimidated, like the home care doctor on Monday night, threatened or physically harmed, any type of abuse directed towards the people at the frontline of our health care system is unacceptable.

Also concerning is the fact these young thugs took his medical kit.

Like Maryborough Sergeant Steve Wheeler said, fortunately these types of episodes are a rarity in the Heritage City.

But if these incidents become more frequent, there's a strong chance it will deter doctors from working during the night in Maryborough and visiting people's homes.

These doctors who visit people's homes are taking a huge weight off our health system and our hospitals.

When this doctor was confronted by these young men, he had just finished attending to a woman who was ill with the flu.

We should be taking every opportunity to thank them for what they do and make sure they want to keep doing it.

The actions of a few can be harmful to the majority who do the right thing.