SHOULD the Fraser Coast Regional Council reconsider their stance on fluoride?

That's what a dental expert has told the Chronicle in today's front page story and judging by what some of the councillors have told our journalist Blake Antrobus - maybe so.

The council's decision in 2013 was democratic - the votes in favour of ceasing water fluoridation outnumbered those in favour of keeping it.

Should council reintroduce fluoride to Fraser Coast's water supply?

This poll ended on 08 October 2016.

Current Results

Yes, fluoride should be reintroduced to our water


No, fluoride should not be reintroduced


Undecided - I need more information


This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.

Whether the decision was for the benefit of the community depends on who you talk to.

One thing is for sure though - water fluoridation does have the backing of most dental experts.

It's whether the councillors and the community see the benefit in back-flipping on a decision and adding another cost to the bill of ratepayers (about $165,000 each year based on 2013 costs).

In saying that - turning around and reflecting on a previous decision and deciding maybe it wasn't the best isn't a sign of weakness.

With the Mackay region recently deciding to stop water fluoridation, it seems the loud minority is being heard elsewhere.

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