OPINION: Why are Crabb and Sales dumbing down their brains?

I CAME to the party a little late.

After weeks of having it on my list of things to watch, I finally got around to viewing ABC's online series When I Get A Minute, or WIGAM.

I had been looking forward to it for weeks. 

Two women I professionally admire sitting down and talking about pop culture.

The web-series pairs respected journalists and best-friend goals duo Leigh Sales and Annabel Crabb to talk about whatever has tickled their fancy that week. 

Books, art, movies or, of course, the big news. 

Both known for their hard-hitting interviewing styles and extreme intelligence, I was expecting a lot from Sales and Crabb. 

Unfortunately it was not delivered. 

The pair have dumbed down their considerable brains to appeal to mass audiences. 

The most jarring of those was Sales claiming to not know about the Bechdel test. 

The test is a well-known measure to discover if a film, TV series or book promotes the bare minimum of gender equality by featuring two women who have a conversation which is not about a man. 

It's hard to believe Sales, who has spoken often about her feminist stance, had not heard of this test. 

Another, when she was quizzing Crabb about Nikki Savva's A Road to Ruin, as if the book had not been in headlines constantly and the topic of most journalists' conversations. 

It's hard to comprehend why Sales and Crabb are dumbing down their intelligence. 

Their fans love the pair for the massive intellect and their refusal to dumb that down.

While I have been disappointed, some astute observations, such as Sales and her belief Survivor is the best political show on television, will keep me watching.

I just hope Sales and Crabb will not shy away from showing exactly how intelligent they are.

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