OPINION: The rain's great but can we have one sunny day?

HOW good is weather?

It is the one thing we can never truly predict (sorry, meteorologists) and one of the things of which we are at total mercy.

Two weeks ago I wrote the Fraser Coast was finally drought-declared.

We had just experienced one of the driest starts to the year on record and were batting well below our average rainfall.

The declaration of seven council areas as being in drought pushed the state total towards 90%, a phenomenal amount.

One week later I spent half of Saturday morning sweeping water from my garage after Friday night's heavy downpour and wrote about our firefighters who responded to two separate floodwater rescues.

The rain hasn't let up and this weekend sees most outdoor sports canned due to the condition of the fields.

I love rain, particularly when it falls in the areas that need it most, but I think I'm ready for just one or two sunny days again.

We don't need too much sun - a day or two will suffice. Just enough to give our waterways and fields a reprieve in case the predicted cyclone decides to turn south and drop some more rain our way.

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