Sean Keidge shows a large scar down his abdomen.
Sean Keidge shows a large scar down his abdomen.

Organs spill from gash, court told

WHEN paramedics reached Sean Keidge, his organs were spilling from a wound in his stomach, a Hervey Bay court has heard.

Mr Keidge, now 43, was allegedly stabbed with a knife during an argument at the Log Dump campsite near Tinnanbar in 2008.

Tin Can Bay paramedic Craig Ainsworth said when he and a colleague reached Mr Keidge on December 31, they found him lying on his side near a camp fire.

“I saw an incision wound above the naval, approximately two to three centimetres,” Mr Ainsworth said, adding that he saw little blood. “There was what I considered bowel or intestinal content outside that wound.”

Guboo Fraser, now 25, has pleaded not guilty in the Hervey Bay District Court to grievous bodily harm.

Mr Keidge was transported by ambulance to Gympie Hospital but the extent of his injuries saw him transported to Nambour Hospital and Brisbane’s Princess Alexandra.

Mr Keidge, of Rosewood, says he can’t remember what happened the day he was allegedly stabbed and awoke in hospital a week later with 59 staples in his stomach. It is understood his liver was pierced.

A number of people unknown to Mr Keidge and his friend Steven Vanderkyl had also been camping at the site where the pair was staying on a fishing trip.

Two days before the incident, Mr Keidge allegedly threatened to cut Fraser’s throat if he didn’t release a green sea turtle caught on a fishing line.

The next night, the camp fire near Mr Keidge and Mr Vanderkyl’s tent “exploded” and nearby campers alerted the pair that their tent had been “showered with sparks”.

Later, Mr Keidge allegedly confronted Fraser on his way to the communal toilet block.

The court heard both men had been drinking throughout the day.

Witnesses have disputed what happened next, with some claiming Keidge swung a knife or an axe at Fraser’s head.

Another said he simply told Fraser to leave and Fraser lashed out, kicking Mr Keidge in the stomach.

The trial continues.

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