Our justice system has failed us again

WHAT'S more terrifying than a cyclone?

The prospect of raising young women in a world where we tell them to take a stand against domestic violence only to be undermined by our so-called justice system.

While much of today's news cycle will be led by a tropical storm and panic buying, the Chronicle's front page is dominated by a theme which should strike real fear in the hearts of every one of us.

It's been 16 years since Ingrid Lester, our first high profile domestic violence victim, was murdered by a hitman on her jealous husband's orders and yet the women in this community, our daughters, mothers, sisters, friends, are no safer.

Here we are, on the same day Ingrid's grieving mother is featured on the cover of one of our previous editions, faced with a modern-day monster on today's front page.

All the good-willed white ribbon events in the world won't save us if the courts allow men like Alexander McIntyre to walk free.

Drugs are no excuse for holding the woman he was supposed to love next to a balcony and threatening to brutally murder her in front of her terrified child.

Mental health issues were no excuse for Burrum baker Nathan Greenfield when he decided to kill the mother of his two children June Wallis.

But his charge was down- graded and his 16-year-old daughter learned that so long as he was a bit crazy a man could kill her and be out in 10 years.

Over the years, Ingrid's mother Ligita has bravely featured in endless awareness stories and campaigns, pleading with women to speak-up and leave at the first sign of fear.

None of it brought her only daughter back but she did it anyway in the hope it would make small difference.

What does she get in return?

A joke of a justice system which has today failed us yet again.

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