JOURNALISM can be a tough profession and one only needs to look at the abuse a television reporter copped in Ballarat this week to know that.

Maggie Raworth was outside a court house on Monday when a man approached her shouting abuse.

He suggested she only had five more years left of reporting because her looks would deteriorate, before rudely saying she was already "getting fat".

Now aside from his disgusting comments, none of which were true, it seems to me this man's behaviour is part and parcel of what journalists now have to deal with on a regular basis.

It's probably not the most maligned profession - lawyers, politicians and door-to-door salesmen probably cop worse.

But it's a profession the wider public have no problem in denigrating and it seems to make idiots like this bloke think it's okay to approach a woman on the street and make derogatory comments about her.

I've encountered some pretty crazy behaviour during my time as a journalist.

I've been called a vulture and other unpleasant names online and I've been threatened in the street while reporting on incidents.

I think the dehumanising nature of social media is starting to be felt in the real world - people seem to feel more and more comfortable making nasty comments just for the sake of being cruel.

We now have a leader of the free world that calls media reports that he doesn't like "fake news" even when the stories are blatantly true.

And people believe him because facts don't seem to matter any more, only opinion, only the spin people put on things.

It's a difficult time to be in the media.

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