OUR SAY: Baffled by Mr Pitt's decision to vote no

I HAVE to admit I was surprised to see that Keith Pitt voted against same-sex marriage when the majority of people in his electorate voted yes.

Yes, it was a very close vote in the Hinkler electorate, practically 50-50.

But the yes vote still succeeded, in Mr Pitt's electorate and Australia-wide.

I have no doubt that some of Mr Pitt's constituents are concerned about religious protections.

The problem I have with that is that Australia voted for same-sex marriage with no stipulation that there be protections in place.

It was an unqualified yes and it's not up to the no vote - the losers of this debate - to try to set the terms of their defeat. It is interesting to me that Mr Pitt claims more than 70% of people in his electorate are in favour of the Cashless Debit Card when every online poll - not scientific I know - pretty much says the opposite.

Where is his definitive evidence of this level of support?

Yet Mr Pitt seems determined to push forward with a policy that seems unpopular, despite his claims to the contrary.

That is interesting considering that he has decided to vote against same-sex marriage, which has a proven majority.

Mr Pitt has gone against the wishes of the majority of people in his electorate.

I find his decision very disappointing and I don't think his justifications are enough.

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