OUR SAY: New series sharing stories about great lives

I'M IN love with the Chronicle's new series aimed at getting older people to share their stories.

Last year my paternal grandmother died and at her funeral I remember hearing many stories I'd never heard before and learning things about her I'd never known.

At the funeral was my great uncle Harold, a lovely man who we all cared for very much.

We sat with him while he had a beer and told us about watching Bradman score centuries in Sydney when he was growing up.

My uncle died in November and I remember feeling so grateful we'd caught up recently, even if it was under sad circumstances.

I still have my maternal grandmother, who means the world to me.

Longevity is strong on my mum's side, so I also knew my great grandparents quite well.

My great grandmother died when I was 15, but I knew her kind and gentle nature.

My great grandfather survived into my 20s, living until he was 97 and even then he lamented that life was far too short.

He would have gone on forever reading the newspaper, backing horses and watching the Knights play, although maybe it's a good thing he hasn't witnessed our consecutive wooden spoons, because he would have had plenty to say, none of it good.

This Chronicle initiative lets us capture an important part of our community - a part of our community that doesn't get their stories shared every day.

It's funny, if you rob a bank or murder someone you're more likely to be in a newspaper than if you have an upstanding, decent life.

Hopefully this series will change that and help us celebrate the best of our community.

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