YOUR SAY: Postal vote in the offing for Australian republic

ANOTHER postal survey could be in the offing for Australians.

After the plebiscite on same-sex marriage got a resounding yes, Prime Minster Malcolm Turnbull, a staunch republican who led the failed 1999 referendum, said it might be time to again test support for an Australian republic.

Chronicle readers had a varied response, with Simon Dickson saying a referendum had already been held and support for a republic had decreased in recent years.

"Stop wasting time and money on red herrings and put some effort in where it's needed," he wrote.

John Howell said the survey should be conducted online was postal voting was a waste of money.

Tina Louise had another idea for a postal survey,

"The next postal vote I will actually vote if it had to do with the death penalty," she wrote.

"But I could only imagine how much this is going to cost and how much Auspost is going to make out of this one."

Amber Leigh said she thought postal plebiscites were a good thing.

"At the absolute bottom line, the mere fact another postal survey may happen shows that our thoughts are potentially being considered for a change," she wrote.

"It's more than we can say for previous years.

"Whether or not they maintain the habit of following through with the results of the survey remain to be seen though."

Ruth Burgess said a series of questions should have been placed on the last survey so they could all be answered, which would have saved a lot of money.

Rebekka Charles and Shirley Anne said it would be a waste of taxpayers' money.

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