Former Zimbabwe president Robert Mugabe.
Former Zimbabwe president Robert Mugabe.

OUR SAY: We're disenchanted, but we're incredibly lucky

IT'S been an interesting parallel, seeing the Queensland election being held at the same time as the controversial president of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe, was deposed.

Life in Zimbabwe is very different to that in Australia.

Mugabe's 37-year rule left his country with a worthless currency, huge debts, an impoverished population and an estimated unemployment rate of more than 80 per cent.

Many of the country's rural communities have no electricity, roads are poor, education is basic and healthcare almost non-existent.

The life expectancy in Zimbabwe, at 60, is one of the lowest in the world.

There have been countless accusations of rigged elections in Zimbabwe.

Elections held in the country have been referred to as little more than political props, with the voting public powerless when it came to effecting change or getting rid of their leader.

In the end, the Zimbabwe National Army placed Mugabe under arrest and brought his controversial reign to an end.

While politics is far from perfect in Australia and there is real disenchantment with the major political parties, I have often reflected on how really lucky we are.

We may complain about our representatives and our governments, but the truth is we are streets ahead of many other countries.

When they say we are the lucky country, they're not kidding.

When I cast my vote on Saturday, I knew it would be counted and I knew the candidate with the most overall votes would win.

I knew that even if a candidate I didn't choose won, our state and country would be okay. Imagine living in a country where that was far from certain.

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