'Our worst nightmare': Advocates devastated by dingo attack

JUST days after warning visitors to Fraser Island to be vigilant when it came to interactions with the iconic dingoes, Cheryl Bryant's worst fears have been realised.

Cheryl Bryant, the publicity officer from Save the Fraser Island Dingoes, said she had been devastated to hear that a toddler had been attacked on Eurong Rd in the early hours of Friday morning.

The 14-month-old boy was dragged from his parent's camper van during the attack and was left with a skull fracture as well as puncture wounds to his head and neck.

"We're devastated," Ms Bryant said.

"This is terrible. It's our worst nightmare."

Ms Bryant said after two previous incidents involving attacks on children on the island, the group had written to the State Government with some recommendations in an effort to prevent future dingo attacks on tourists.

She said a meeting in Hervey Bay was still pending.

"We need to find solutions," Mr Bryant said.

"It's devastated everyone, it  needs to stop."

After a nine-year-old boy was injured in a serious attack earlier this year, two dingoes in the Eurong pack were euthanised,

Ms Bryant said two dingoes were left in that pack and she feared it was those animals involved in the latest attack.

She said research needed to be done into the impact the destruction of the animals had on the remaining family structure.

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