'Horse in so much pain they had to put it down'

A COURT decision determining whether two people were cruel and neglectful to a palomino horse by failing to provide medical care has been reserved until late July.

Magistrate John Smith has adjourned the matter in order for a transcript to be obtained after a two-day hearing.

Leigh Francis Allan and Andrew Taylor have pleaded not guilty to one count each of animal cruelty and two counts each of failing to provide adequate care to the horse named Candy.

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Taylor and Allan, both of Byrnestown near Gayndah, on Thursday called their neighbour Carez Goewie to the stand to testify about the pair's care of the horse.

Ms Goewie moved to the area earlier this year. The charges relate to incidents between September 19 and October 3, 2014.

Ms Goewie said she had visited the couple's home in August 2014 for about four days and at that time observed the horse to be in good health.

Her observations, however, were made from a distance.


"I didn't go too close because I am scared of horses," Ms Goewie said.


The RSPCA has alleged Taylor and Allan allowed Candy to suffer with severe laminitis, a disease which affects the hooves of a horse.

The court heard Candy's front hooves were overgrown and that about 20cm of hoof was sticking out horizontally and about 15cm of overgrowth was sticking out from the back hooves.

Evidence presented to the court suggested a veterinarian, a farrier and the RSPCA inspector had told the pair Candy was in so much pain the only option was to euthanise her.

The RSCPA issued an order for Candy to be put down in order to prevent her suffering.

The court was played a video recording of RSPCA inspector Penny Flaherty's visit to the property which shows Candy in poor condition and in pain.

It has been alleged the pair also had Candy moved via horse float along a bumpy road in order to hide Candy from the RSPCA.

Mr Taylor, who represented himself, said he had "never heard a bigger pack of lies".

Mr Smith said he would hand down his decision on July 25.

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