Jarryn Evans and The Village Caterer chef Chantell Young.
Jarryn Evans and The Village Caterer chef Chantell Young.

Pair's passion for food stops elderly from going hungry

TWO local men with a passion for food and community have taken a chance to save a community lifeline.

Daniel Embrey and Andrew Barton have purchased the Village Caterer from Torbay.

The two said there had been rumours that the program was being shut down so they jumped at the opportunity to purchase the business.

"We knew that there was seven employees, and their livelihood depends on this but we service 1000 meals to the community and the elderly a week," Mr Embrey said.

"You can't lose that type of thing because if you do, where do people go to eat?

"They go into the community and are at risk of catching COVID."

Since taking over in July Mr Embrey said there had been teething issues but things had started to be ironed out and now it was business as usual.

Despite coronavirus introducing added challenges to the takeover, Mr Embrey said it had been worth it.

"We just felt passionate that there was a need and we wanted to make sure we could fill that," he said.

"There is always stress when running a business, and some long hours.

"COVID does add some challenges but at the same time it offers some opportunity, with people not wanting to go out and get in the public.

"We do free delivery, so we can bring stuff to them without them having to worry."

The pair have worked with a new chef to introduce new vegetarian and vegan meal options.

Mr Embrey said his highlight since taking over the business had been experimenting with food and menus.

If you are interested in ordering anything from Village Caterers go to their website or call 4197 1407.

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