UPDATE: Police have confirmed the 18-year-old patron involved in the St Patrick's Day incident outside Coffs Hotel has been charged with a number of offences.

The Sandy Beach man has been charged with trespass, excluded person remaining on premises as well as remaining in the vicinity of the premises, and assault occasioning bodily harm.

Coffs Clarence Crime Manager Detective Inspector Darren Jameson said the charges have been laid following an analysis of evidence including CCTV footage from the night.

"When you look at the video footage, it's quite concerning as it looks like he (the patron) was the victim of some sort of crime but when you look at all the evidence including the CCTV footage taken at the scene, it's shows a very different picture," said Det. Jameson.

"We are satisfied that the young person was the aggressor on the night. In fact two weeks previous to the event he had been banned from the premises in relation to threatening staff, including security staff.

"On the night in question he had gained entry into the premises again, he was discovered once and was escorted from the premises. He has then snuck into the premises again and he was escorted out in a confrontational mode."

Police will state in court that the initial hit from the security guard was a lawful security drill where two hands were allegedly used to push the young person away.

The charges have been laid following a formal complaint from the security guard involved in the incident, where it is alleged he suffered from a "busted lip and severe swelling of the face".

Det. Jameson further added that the "wrong story" has been put forward after footage of the altercation was circulated widely through social media.

"When you try to prosecute a matter through media the facts aren't checked, which they weren't in this case.

"In this regard a person going about their lawful employment has been vilified for no reason and as we can see now a young person, only 18, who made some bad choices under the effects of alcohol has some serious issues that he will be facing court."

The man has been given bail and will appear in court on May 8.

Det. Jameson states the security guard will not be facing any charges.


THURSDAY 10AM: AN 18-year-old Sandy Beach man has been arrested over that incident involving a bouncer outside the Coffs Hotel on St Patrick's Day.

A security guard and the patron were filmed during an altercation, which resulted in the security guard lashing out against the patron in a video that was widely circulated on social media.

The hotel has since hired a new security team.

Coffs Clarence Crime Manager Detective Inspector Darren Jameson will address media regarding the arrest today. 

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